Your windows take an incredible amount of abuse, from fingerprints and smudges to environmental elements like pollen. Routine professional cleanings not only make the view out your windows more enjoyable, but it prevents damage to window seals, which, if broken or loose, will lead to leaks and water damage. Extending the lifespan of your windows, maintaining your home's energy efficiency, safety, curb appeal, and property value are all reasons to contact 302 Power Washing for your window cleaning needs!

Why Use a Professional?

  1. Extends Window’s Lifespan

Impurities like dirt, dead insects, hard water, pollen, and debris, can corrode your windows and affect their condition over time. Accumulated debris in your window frames will retain moisture and progressively reduce the windows' structural integrity. Subsequently, the expenses to renovate or replace windows can become very costly. Relying on 302 Power Washing to meet your window cleaning needs will save you money on future repairs and significantly increase the life of your windows!

  1. Energy Efficiency

It is crucial to regularly get your windows professionally cleaned to safeguard your real estate investment, wallet, and family's health as a homeowner! Dirt and moisture buildup erodes the seals on your windows, making the components less effective at blocking out external heat and cold. As your window seals start to deteriorate, fogging, leaks and condensation begin to happen. This leads to higher energy costs, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, your HVAC system will have to work harder to regulate indoor climate control, resulting in increased heating and cooling costs.

  1. Safety

Climbing ladders to access high outside windows puts you at risk of falling, sliding, and injuring yourself, which is especially dangerous if you live on a large property! There are many threats to cleaning your windows yourself, including ladder problems and slipping on water that has sloshed around, creating a wet surface, leading to mishaps and injuries. 302 Power Washing is here to assist in your window washing needs, ensuring you prevent damage to your home, yourself, and your family.

  1. Curb Appeal & Property Value

Regardless of how spotless and gorgeous your house is within, filthy windows produce an unattractive impression for guests and potential buyers. Clean windows make your home more welcoming to visitors and potentially more appealing to those in the market for a new home. If you want to sell your property for the highest possible price, your presentation must be flawless. Freshly cleaned windows present a well-maintained home and produce a high-end look. If you're considering selling your property, relying on 302 Power Washing to care for your window washing needs could increase the property's value and attract potential buyers!

Why Choose 302 Power Washing?

Do you want your home to maintain its curb appeal and property value? Protect your most important asset by trusting 302 Power Washing to handle all your exterior cleaning needs. We are a fully licensed and insured, family-owned, and operated professional exterior cleaning business, based in Lewes, DE. We utilize the most innovative techniques and modern equipment industry-wide. Our commitment to ongoing education in Power Washing and our dedication to customer service allow us to provide superior services in our trade!

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