Whether you are outside sipping your morning coffee while watching the sunrise, enjoying a cocktail with your weekend visitors, or playing catch with your kids/grandkids, your deck and porch are among the primary features of your outdoor space. These entertainment areas provide fantastic locations for engaging and relaxing, plus they help increase your property value as an extension of your living space. Impurities like dirt, dead insects, hard water, pollen, and debris, corrode your outdoor spaces. These environmental elements love to grow and spread on decks and porches. Not only do they affect the integrity of the materials, but they present safety risks by producing slippery surfaces and breeding grounds for insects. 302 Power Washing is here to take care of your deck and porch needs! We will help you ensure your deck and porch are affordably maintained while protecting functionality and your family's safety!

Powerwash Deck

Benefits Of Deck/Porch Cleaning

  1. Increased Lifespan

    UV rays, water damage, extreme weather, pollen, and insect infestation on outdoor surfaces make them susceptible to rotting, decomposing, mold, and mildew if not professionally cleaned and maintained! Wood decks are particularly prone to weathering, becoming grey and vulnerable to the elements, deteriorating them prematurely. Without proper, regular care, homeowners could face higher costs down the road!

  2. Save Time and Money

    Avoid the anxiety of learning what will work for your deck or porch space. The cost of professional deck and porch cleaning far offsets the future expenses of trying to clean it yourself. 302 Power Washing has the right tools and equipment for your needs, and we know how to manage the chemicals required to clean the specific materials used to build your deck or porch.

  3. Curb Appeal & Property Value

    Nothing draws attention to your property quite like a spotless deck or porch! Not only is being outside in a clean environment more pleasurable, but its appearance also generates a favorable impression on neighbors and guests. Whether purchasing, selling, or simply living life, a tidy deck or porch increases your home's curb appeal and property value! The actual value of your home is not measured in what you could sell it for, but instead, it is measured by the enjoyment you, your friends, and your family are getting out of it daily.

Why Choose 302 Power Washing?

Do you want your home to maintain its curb appeal and property value? Protect your most important asset by trusting 302 Power Washing to handle all your exterior cleaning needs. We are a fully licensed and insured, family-owned, and operated professional exterior cleaning business, based in Lewes, DE. We utilize the most innovative techniques and modern equipment industry-wide. Our commitment to ongoing education in Power Washing and our dedication to customer service allow us to provide superior services in our trade!

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