Commercial parking lots and garages frequently see a high volume of traffic, which exposes them to an incredible amount of abuse. Tire tracks, antifreeze leaks, and oil all contribute to the accumulation of paint, filth, and grime, resulting in gritty, greasy concrete. If left neglected, the quality of your parking lot or garage may degrade, costing you a large amount of money to repair. 302 Power Washing can help you prevent this with our experienced team's professional parking lot and garage cleaning services!

Why Should You Get Your Commercial Parking Lot or Garage Cleaned?

While many business owners fail to clean their garage or parking lot professionally, doing so has several benefits that should not be overlooked!


Dirt, grime, trash, and substantial oil spills do more than detract from the appearance of your garage floor. They can cause damage to automobiles or create a slick and slippery surface, which can result in accidents. Professionally cleaning your garage will assist you in removing all of these contaminants, safeguarding your customers and their vehicles from harm.

Curb Appeal

You may have a well-kept landscape and freshly painted walls, but if your garage is rundown, your business's curb appeal will suffer. Keeping your garage and parking spaces tidy, on the other hand, will help increase the curb appeal of your property to prospective customers.

Attract New Clients

A filthy parking lot frequently communicates to consumers that you do not care enough about your property to keep it efficiently maintained. If you do not care about your property, why would you care about them? Avoid losing potential customers by utilizing our parking lot cleaning services.


Maintaining a commercial garage or parking lot is significantly less expensive and more manageable than repairing it. Overlooking the dirt and grime can cause the concrete to crumble or crack, compromising the structural integrity of the entire surface. Routine maintenance and professional exterior cleaning help you prevent costly repairs in the future while allowing you to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

Why Choose 302 Power Washing?

Do you want your home to maintain its curb appeal and property value? Protect your most important asset by trusting 302 Power Washing to handle all your exterior cleaning needs. We are a fully licensed and insured, family-owned, and operated professional exterior cleaning business, based in Lewes, DE. We utilize the most innovative techniques and modern equipment industry-wide. Our commitment to ongoing education in Power Washing and our dedication to customer service allow us to provide superior services in our trade!

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