Many business owners opt not to clean the area where their trash is placed since it will inevitably become dirty again, which may seem rational but is detrimental to the business. Exterior cleaning professionals strongly advise routine dumpster pad cleaning to improve your business's overall image, keep your customers and staff healthy, and prevent slip and fall risks.

A filthy trash pad might pose a more significant threat to your business than you imagine! Food droppings will attract pests such as rats and roaches, who may congregate around your dumpster in search of additional snacks. Additionally, dumpsters are a breeding ground for hazardous germs and fungi, posing a health risk to everyone who uses them. 302 Power Washing is proud to offer dumpster pad cleaning services to ensure the safety and comfort of your business and people who spend time in its vicinity. 


Every business owner wishes their customers would never see their trash, yet it is unavoidable. That is why maintaining a clean dumpster pad is critical for your business. Additionally, a sanitary dumpster pad will provide the following benefits:

  • Coveys your care to employees and customers
  • Prevents illness and bacterial spread
  • Prevents pest infestations
  • Eliminates offensive odors 

Rely on 302 Power Washing to assist you in keeping your dumpster area clean; you will be astonished at the impact it will make on your business and its reputation!

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