Paver surfaces are a gorgeous expansion to any home; however, unfortunately, they are exposed to various elements such as pollen, debris, UV rays, sun, rain, hard water, oil stains, tire marks, and other environmental factors. Without proper care and maintenance, paver surfaces can develop into a blemish and adversely influence your property’s curb appeal and your outdoor living experience. 302 Power Washing provides a Paver Cleaning and Sealing service that will help you keep your paver surfaces clean and protected. Our water-based sealant creates a protective barrier between pavers and their grout. It inhibits water and liquids from settling in the crevices between the pavers, which will degrade the paver surface and integrity. Paver Cleaning and Sealing will stop moss and lichen from securing a foothold, which will immediately extend the lifespan of your paver driveway, patio, walkway, or pool deck.


  1. Protects from Staining

    Paver Cleaning and Sealing protects your pavers from stains that can become absorbed into the porous surface of your pavers, which leads to staining.

  2. Improves Appearance

    Sealing your pavers will enhance their color, texture, and brightness.

  3. Prevents Growth of Mildew, Mold, and Fungi

    Sealing your pavers prevents the growth of environmental factors like mildew, mold, and fungi, making your pavers unattractive and slick; sealing helps prevent slip and falls on your property!

  4. Waterproofing

    Paver Sealing waterproofs your pavers to protect against deep permanent staining caused by mildew, mold, and algae concentration and absorption.

  5. Easy Maintenance

    Paver sealing makes it easier for you to maintain and protect your outdoor space daily. After proper sealing, you will be able to use a garden hose or a broom to whisk away many elements from your paver surface that historically would have absorbed. Paver Sealing makes your life easier and cleaning up after entertaining guests is quick and straightforward!

Do My Pavers Need Sealing?

Here is one simple test to help you determine if your pavers need sealing: Spray your pavers with water from a garden hose and watch to see if the water beads up on the surface or if the water droplets absorb. If water is not beading up on the paver surface, you most likely need a fresh coat of sealer!

How often do you need to reseal your pavers?

Generally, a good quality sealing job with a high-quality product should last between one and a half to two years. The sealing life will depend on the attention given to the area, the traffic, and the elements that impact the paver surface.

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