Commercial Drive-Thru Cleaning

We have all visited that run-down drive-thru with trash lining the pavement. You get the distinct impression that illness particles are drifting inside your vehicle. The drive-thru industry is highly competitive. It takes little for a consumer to swear that they will never return to your restaurant, shop, or coffeehouse because of the abundance of competing alternatives. Maintaining a clean drive-thru is critical. A well-maintained drive-thru improves the customer experience and encourages repeat business. Drive-thru windows that are not maintained grow mold and mildew, which then spreads to your customers' meals. Each year, drive-thru companies pay millions of dollars in legal fines due to this.

Additionally, drive-thrus are unique in that they require the cleaning of a variety of various materials, including glass, metal, and concrete. By utilizing the services of a professional cleaning company that specializes in drive-thrus, you can ensure that your takeout station is immaculately clean. Many business owners who opt to clean their own drive-thrus inadequately clean the exterior space; therefore, scratches and fingerprints emerge swiftly after a thorough cleaning. We are industry professionals that understand what it takes to keep your drive-thru looking like new. We do more than enhance the aesthetics of your drive-thru; we save you money long-term by helping you retain your current clients and attract potential ones! 302 Power Washing is here to assist with all your drive-thru cleaning needs!

Commercial Gas Station Cleaning

A clean and pleasant atmosphere is the foundation of a successful gas station business. Not only are dirty and untidy gas stations unhealthy, but they are also one of the easiest ways to send new and repeat consumers directly to your competitors. Subpar service stations may also leave you open to potential lawsuits and fines.  Gas stations frequently face leaks of gasoline, fuel, and oil. These spills pose a threat to the facility, personnel, customers, and vehicles nearby. 302 Power Washing provides thorough exterior gas station cleaning services that keep your facility slip-free and safe by removing petroleum, grease, filth, and exhaust fume build-up. Our professional gas station cleaning service not only makes a great first impression on your customers but also assures compliance with industry regulations and guidelines. Additionally, this critical cleaning service ensures public safety by preventing unnecessary legal claims from customers that were injured in preventable slips and falls. 302 Power Washing is a full-service gas station cleaning company that will keep your establishment looking clean, organized, safe, and inviting. 

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